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Dr. Eward in Cary at Veterinary Specialty Hopsital was responsible for me having to euthanize my dog.

Her incompetence and complete lack of care not to mention botching an operation led to my dogs death. This place is just a cash cow for operations and if you review many places on the web you will see that they are just after the money. They don't care about your pet and will bleed you dry. Go to VSRH in Cary or NCSU.

Anywhere but this place and this Dr. Unfortunately, vets can kill your pets and there really isn't anything you can do about it but get the word out for other people to be wary.

This place looks good on the outside, and they talk a good game, but they are a horror story. Just research what other people have to say and what happened to them, and you will not ever take a pet here.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Very surprised to find this comment. She is generally regarded as the best around.

Many people I know who work in the veterinary field send their pets to her. She saved my dog with cancer and was the epitome of kindness and compassion.

I can't believe someone could have a bad experience with her or VSH.

to Positive Winter Park, Florida, United States #597485

Never heard her name before so I doubt she is the best around. Many of he vets in this clinic have been repremanded for tings before.

Do your research. I suppose it is like any doctor, you are going to find a few people that are satisfied with them, but all in all this clinic as a whole is just out there to make money. I have spent enough time sitting in their lobby and having two pets worked on to know that they run them in and out pretending concern, but there are at least 60 plus stories I could access where they have been uncaring, unfeeling and negligent, not to mention just taken the money and run. Don't forget that you really have no recourse against vets when they abuse, neglect, misdiagnose, or kill your pet.

They don't lose their license, rarely get fined, not even a slap on the wrist. This is evidenced by the two or three people that just this year have had pets killed by negligence of vets, it was admitted and nothing was done to the vet. If your pet is killed, there will be nothing done, even if it is clearly the vets fault. Most people don't sue as it is costly and based on the last case (Shera v.

NCSU) even if you have spent thousands and the vet admits liability, you spend even more on legal fees and get no where. Vets know they are untouchable. Dr. Eward is not "the best around." She talks a great game and rests on her and her husbands creditials.

That doees not make a good doctor and she like all vets, make serious mistakes. She just doesn't own up to them as she has a god complex. Be very careful who you are duped by.

This clinic is not a good place. Trust me.

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