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Do not under any circumstances go to VHS in Cary NC for your pet. Specifically do not see Dr.

Eward who is totally incompetent and a liar to boot. That entire practice will just clean out your bank account, lie to you, not care about your pet and is generally just a racket. This is absolutely the worst practice I have ever been to and I have owned a lot of dogs. You want to believe the vet when you bring your pet in, but be careful, they are just a racket and want $$$.


Monetary Loss: $15000.

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Could you please send your experience to my email address so I can share. I need help with this money pit.

Cary, North Carolina, United States #636848

There are other places with more care and expertise for a cat. Other places that can see your animal in an emergency and will not over charge or misdiagnose the issue.

This is not a place for cat care. My cat had not eaten for three days and was retching without results. I took him to VSH because I was told by another vet they could do endoscope to see if there is anything in the stomach stuck. Check-in was smooth and the wait to see the Vet was short.

The Vet explained that an ultrasound would be performed and to return at 1:30 for the results and next course of action. I called at 1:00 to see if they were ready for me to return. They were not able to say if the ultrasound had been done and to call back in 30 minutes. At 2:00 I was told they would call me when the ultrasound had been completed.

It was 10:00am when I left my cat and they still had not got to him. At 2:30 I called and said I was coming to get him. They put the vet on the phone who said he just completed the ultrasound and that the cat has a linear obstruction in the intestine and surgery was needed. The cost jumped an extra $1000.

With a total of $5000 and lack of action, I decided to take my cat elsewhere. They were happy to fax a copy of the ultrasound report to another vet. When I went to pick-up my cat, I asked for a copy of the ultrasound and blood work. I got a report but no pictures.

Was told they don’t save pictures. Here comes the unbelievable part. The new vet conducted the surgery based on the report of this ultrasound only to determine there was no obstruction. There was nothing in the stomach or intestine.

My cat was subjected to an unnecessary surgery to open his stomach and look for an obstruction that was not there. He had two dried hairballs in the colon. I am out $910 from VHS and another $2000 for the surgery at another vet. So don’t take your cat there.

There are other places that can care for a sick cat. Give a correct diagnosis and save you money. I spoke to several vets that day. One was right on when she said some cats stop eating and retch when they are constipated.

An exam of the belly would have found this without the need of an ultrasound. However, that would have been a smaller bill.

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